The Football Nutrition Fix
Fuel Your Body Like a Pro Athlete
Football specific recipe and macro guide formulated with the sole purpose of increasing performance markers such as speed, endurance, agility and strength.
Do you ever suffer from prolonged muscle soreness, aches, pains, fatigue or lack of motivation?
Do you ever go into training just not feeling your best, with no energy - no pep in your step, which then frustrates you because you know you run the risk of losing a starting spot or having a
poor showing in front of the coach?
Do you feel like you have a higher ceiling in regards to your on-field performance, yet there is something holding you back?
Do you ever feel confused about what to eat before or after training and matches to improve your recovery?
BUT here's the thing
What if I told you...
...there Is one extremely simple thing that you could do every day to get you to perform at your genetic potential.

Something you could do to increase lean muscle mass, agility, stamina, change of direction and sprint speed, that doesn’t come at the expense of your happiness, time or other interests outside of your sport?

What is this special something? Drum roll please: football specific nutrition! Sounds boring right?

We’re not offering a magic supplements, new and advanced “superfoods” or up-to-date tracking technology. Just plain old-fashioned nutrition– as in the food you eat every day.

I want to challenge you to perfect your daily nutrition routines, making them specific to the demands of your training, match and performance goals so you can:
  • Guarantee you always have a starting spot no matter what level you play at
  • ​Hear people chanting your name even if it’s only your mom and dad ; )
  • ​Earn the trust and respect of your teammates and technical staff
  • ​Live the life you always wanted to live
  • Leave the field with your head up, feeling strong, empowered and in control of your
Without understanding the basic principles of sports nutrition, you run the risk of never truly being able to reach your maximum potential.

What happens when you don’t eat for long periods of time? You starve and wither away.

Everything starts and ends with what you put on your plate every day, even life itself.

Picture going to an important try out and not making the team because you had a poor showing due to fatigue, yet didn’t realize the fatigue was caused by your pre-match meal.

What a disservice that would be considering all the hard work you put in at training – you might not think you’re good enough on the day, but maybe you just didn’t eat the foods your body prefers and that made your energy plummet.

There is definitely a lot of talk about how important nutrition is but not a lot of detailed and easy to follow action plans footballers can implement into their daily lives to maximize their performance results.

What if I told you there was a simple solution to all of this? A one stop-shop where you could not only find performance enhancing recipes, but also, the science-based evidence as to when and why you should be eating a certain way.

A resource that has a proven track record of increasing performance in footballers at every level; Academy, semi-pro, professional and world class.

A resource that helps you figure out when to eat, how much to
eat, at what time to eat, all based around your training and match schedule as well as
your goals.

Something that will give you detailed guidelines when to eat, how much to eat, at what time to eat, all specific to your training and match schedule as well as your goals.

Do you ever wonder how much protein you should be eating on a daily basis or after training and matches?
How about carbs?
Do you have any questions surrounding organic produce over conventional and if it might offer benefit to you and your performance?

Have you given into diet trends such as keto, paleo, fasting or low carb in an attempt to gain more muscle and lose body fat?

Do you know what the scientific consensus is regarding the effectiveness of these modalities in footballers?

Are you confused about what exact role protein, fat’s and carbs play in optimizing your performance and how you can manipulate them to give you 95 minutes’ worth of elite level stamina?

Are you familiar with the demands of your sport and how that should dictate what you eat every day?

I know, I’m throwing a lot of questions at you but this is what you need to know before you embark on a “diet” change. These questions are the reason why YouTube and google can’t help you out. Nutrition gets much more nuanced when it comes to footballer performance.

I am sure you’ve heard it a thousand times after a match or high intensity training
day….. Coach says: “go home, get some rest - stretch, and eat well”.

WHAT DOES EAT WELL EVEN MEAN. There is absolutely no context in that statement.
Imagine the coach spoke like this about individual and tactical roles within the team.
Picture the coach, instead of telling the wingers to tuck in and stay central when the team is
defending the ball on the opposite side of the field, says to the wingers: “hey go out there and have fun and practice well”.

HOW THE HELL is the player (you) supposed to know what your tactical responsibilities are
with no specifications.

No coach would ever do this right? They would instead get down to the nitty gritty and blast
your head off with every tactical detail they could think of; open your body, see the field, tuck in centrally, be aware of the man around you, stay connected to the unit etc.

Yet, when it comes to nutrition and football the waters become very murky and often misleading.

What does eating well entail? Eating burgers and fries?

Meal guidelines should change around the pre and post-match/ training windows – does the phrase “eat well” account for this?

Eating to gain lean muscle mass is different from eating the day before a match or to increase stamina.

Protein, fat and carb distributions need to change day to day based on training volume and

So where are the specific, detailed oriented guidelines when it comes to football nutrition? 

We have the answer to that:
my story
When I was aspiring to be a professional footballer, I vividly remember how difficult it was to come across football specific nutrition advice.
When I was aspiring to become a professional footballer, I vividly remember how difficult it was to come across football specific nutrition advice.

I remember sitting on the team bus going to play my first contracted match, and here comes the owner handing out big brown boxes filled with fried empanadas, a massive
chocolate chip cookie and a sports drink. This was our pre-match meal. Immediately after eating my energy plummeted. Getting through that match felt like I had 50-pound weights attached to my feet.

I have since taken it upon myself to dive deep into the world of nutrition over the past twelve years.
My life’s mission is to inspire footballers to take total control over their health and performance one meal at a time. 
Over the past 12 years, I have taken it upon myself to dive deep into the world of sports nutrition to ensure that no footballer experiences that deflating feeling of low energy and fatigue leading up to important matches when dreams and careers are on the line.

I want you to experience the comforting feeling of knowing exactly how to hit all of your
performance goals using specific nutrition tactics, without the quackery, BS and fancy marketing.
just imagine
Just imagine how much your game performance could improve if you gave your body the energy it deserves.
More fuel.
More energy.
More power.
Better agility. Better performance.
A resource that will answer all of your football specific nutrition questions that includes real life action plans and easy to implement strategies to support your fitness and performance goals so that you can meet the demands of your sport.
The Football Nutrition Fix Recipe Book
Have you ever wondered why elite pros seem like they never get tired when watching them on TV? When you are eating properly, specific to your sport your body will naturally have the energy reserves it needs to perform at a high intensity for 90 minutes!
The Footballer's Ultimate Smoothie Guide
BONUS #1 ($37 VALUE)
Smoothies are of the most convenient and time efficient nutritional powerhouses around. A busy athlete who trains daily can save a lot of time and effort by utilizing them. This series come with a separate smoothie guide where you will find several football specific smoothies to help you spend time on what matters most; playing football.
Three-Day Meal Plan
BONUS #2 ($97 VALUE)
Not only will we provide you with the exact recipes and meal guidelines you need to experience success, but you will also get a 3-day sample meal plan to help you put it all together.
Football Nutrition Lab™ Private Community
BONUS #3 ($297 VALUE)
Upon investing in this coaching program, you get access to our growing
community of athletes. In addition, you get direct access to the Football Nutrition Lab™ team, other likeminded footballers around the world as well as up to date recipes, scientific studies and educational videos.
Weekly Macro Calculators
We will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to carbohydrates, fat’s
and protein and how they influence football performance.
How To Plan Meals
Within this resource we have included detailed guidelines in regards to planning football
specific meals efficiently, that will allow you to improve all areas of performance. We
discuss how much of your plate should be filled with the main three macros and much
Homemade Sports Drink Recipes
Don’t enjoy conventional sports drinks? Too sugary or artificial tasting? We have
included simple to follow guidelines so that you can make your own intra match/training
sports drink to keep you energized throughout the 90.
Whole Food Checklist
Ever wondered what the most effective foods are from each macronutrient category?
Look no further. This eBook comes with a detailed macro shopping list that you can
print out and reference daily.
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what people are saying
Here's what my clients had to say about their transformations after trying out my program
Matt Arnone
"My energy levels are through the roof now!"
This book has me making a new jam each week! I have also been using the macronutrient distributions to fuel myself adequately for my training load. Energy levels through the roof now! The "homemade" sports drink recipe is exactly the thing I needed to stay hydrated during training without having to buy store bought brands. Highly recommend this book!
Jarred Phillips
"Helped me understand what to eat, when to eat and why I should be eating it"
During my first professional season I needed something to keep me healthy and fit. Going into camp, I knew I needed an edge and this product gave me just that. Helped me understand what to eat, when to eat and why I should be eating it to improve my overall performance. Top quality product.
so what are you waiting for?
The next transformation story I share could be yours!
Joey Amato
"With the help of Francesco's coaching, I was able to preserve my muscle mass and achieve my goal weight"
After the season it was hard for me to maintain my target weight. With the help of this eBook and Francesco's coaching, I was able to preserve my muscle mass, achieve my goal weight and most importantly maintain it consistently.
so what are you waiting for?
The next transformation story I share could be yours!
Maksym Kowal
"Must buy for any serious footballer"
This book changed the way I view nutrition and performance. Ever since I started following the guidelines I have been recovering faster, feeling better and having more energy. Must buy for any serious footballer.
So, what are you waiting for?
The next transformation story I share could be yours!
you asked
Answers to some of the most common questions I get about this program
do the recipes require any ingredients that are difficult to locate?
All the ingredients mentioned in the guide are easy to find in any regular grocery store.
Are recipes measured in cups (imperial) or grams (metric)?
Most recipes are measured in cups but there are a few that use grams.
I cannot eat wheat or gluten, do the recipes accommodate this?
Yes! Every recipe in the book is gluten free.
I am a plant-based eater, is this book right for me?
Yes. Majority of the recipes within this book are plant based. All
the recipes were created to easily accommodate both plant-based eaters and omnivores without an emphasis on either or. Most recipes can be recreated with or without meat.
Are there recommendations for Pre and Post match?
This resource dives deep into how you can use carbohydrates,
fats and protein for pre and post-match meals. Almost all recipes can be used during the pre- and post-match window.
Do the recipes take a long time to make?
No! We kept in mind that you are a busy footballer on a tight schedule not a gourmet chef who has hours to spending in the kitchen. Many recipes are very simple and some require no cooking at all. 
Do I need to know how to cook to buy this guide?
You may need to have a basic understanding of cooking, but nothing out of the ordinary. The recipes are very simple. 
It's time for you to become the elite athlete you were meant to be.
Football specific recipes guaranteed to increase performance, speed, stamina and make you a more agile and powerful footballer
The Football Nutrition Fix Recipe Book. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $197)

Bonus #1: Smoothie Recipe Guide. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $37)

Bonus #2: Three Day Meal Plan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $97)

Bonus #3: Football Nutrition Lab™ Private Community. . . . . . . . (Value $297)

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